Chateau 1800

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Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA

le Pavillon du Lac

The Lake Pavilion

The chateau presents a covered, spacious unobstructed layout facing the lake, providing a panoramic 180-degree view of the surrounding grounds and water. With its grand double doors, this space gives you the entrance you have dreamed of. Whether it's a large reception or an intimate gathering, the chateau provides the perfect enchanted setting for your guests.

Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA

île d’horizon

Horizon Island

Adorned with lights and resting in the open waters of our beautiful lake, lies an island so romantic, it will make you feel as if you are falling in love all over again. This breathtaking versatile space can be transformed to fit your vision and needs while offering a unique and one of a kind experience. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the lake as you exchange your vows, feeling as though you've stepped into a whole new world.

Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA

Suite de la Mariée

The Bridal Suite

Situated in the main house, this elegantly appointed space has all the amenities you and your bridal party require to get ready for your special day. From its elegant clawfoot bathtub to the private door that opens onto the house's stunning open back porch, you can savor the beautiful views as you relax in luxury.

Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA

La Grotte

The Cave

We firmly believe that grooms also deserve a touch of indulgence on their wedding day, which is why we've given our groom suite the same luxurious treatment as our bridal suite. With a full bath and a door leading out to the expansive back porch, you and your groomsmen can relax and cherish the moment in absolute comfort.

Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA

Lac Du Bourget

Lake Bourget

The lake's serene ambiance will transport you to a world of romantic possibilities, offering an idyllic backdrop for your wedding celebration. From romantic strolls along the shoreline to exchanging vows on the island, the lake presents a multitude of opportunities to enhance your special day.

Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA

La Cour Des Cocktails

The Cocktail Courtyard

Tucked away amongst our tranquil trees and lush greenery, you will find our serine cocktail area. Twinkling lights create the perfect magical atmosphere to raise a toast to the newlyweds with a signature drink. Sit back and relax while you take in the beauty and romance of Chateau 1800.

Bridal Suite

Chambre Verte

Green Room

A space dedicated to providing a relaxing haven for your entertainers. The room is equipped with all the amenities necessary to unwind and recharge between performances. With comfortable seating, a private bathroom, and other essentials, our green room ensures that performers can rest and rejuvenate in complete comfort and privacy.

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Our 56-acre wedding and event venue in Savannah, GA offers the quintessential combination of natural beauty and elegance. Elevate your special day with customizable venue services tailored to your unique vision.

Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA
Chateau 1800 Wedding Venue Savannah GA
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