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Savannah Wedding Trends: Sustainable Blooms, Moody Hues, Petal Profusion, Mixed Textures, & More!

​Flowers play an integral role in the ambiance and beauty of a wedding. They add a touch of elegance, color, and fragrance to the occasion, making it an enchanting affair to remember. If you’re a bride-to-be looking for floral inspiration for your special day, explore these blossoming trends that are stealing the spotlight in the Savannah wedding world.

1. Sustainable Blooms

Eco-conscious weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and sustainable florals are in vogue. Embrace locally sourced, seasonal blooms or opt for dried flowers, pampas grass, or foliage for a unique and environmentally friendly touch.

2. Moody Hues

Departing from traditional pastels, couples are gravitating toward deeper and moodier color palettes. Deep burgundies, rich purples, and dark blues are making a statement, bringing an air of sophistication and drama to floral arrangements.

3. Petal Profusion

 Bigger and bolder floral installations are stealing the show. From lavish floral arches and ceiling installations to extravagant centerpieces, couples are opting for grand displays that create an awe-inspiring atmosphere.

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4. Mixed Textures

Incorporating a variety of textures within arrangements is gaining popularity. Mixing flowers, greenery, and non-floral elements like feathers, berries, or succulents adds depth and interest to bouquets and centerpieces.

5. Statement Blooms

Oversized blooms are making a statement. Large roses, peonies, dahlias, or tropical blooms act as focal points, creating visually stunning arrangements that exude elegance.

6. Edible Florals

The trend of incorporating edible flowers into wedding décor is on the rise. From decorating cakes to garnishing cocktails and salads, edible blooms add a delightful and whimsical touch to the culinary experience.

7. Personalized Touches

Couples are infusing their personalities into floral arrangements. Whether it’s incorporating sentimental blooms, like those from their first date, or adding unique elements like family heirlooms, personalization is key.

8. Minimalism

On the other end of the spectrum, some couples are embracing minimalistic floral designs. Simple, clean lines with fewer flowers but carefully chosen elements can create an understated yet elegant atmosphere.

Remember, your wedding florals can elevate the ambiance and convey the emotions of your special day. Embrace these trends or mix and match to create a unique floral story that reflects your style and love.

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