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Say ‘I Do’ with Your Pup: Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Day at Chateau 1800

As you plan your wedding day, you want to make sure every special person in your life is included in the celebration, including your furry family members. After all, your dog is an important part of your life and your relationship. Chateau 1800 understands this and is happy to make it possible for your dog to be by your side on such an important day. To help you make this happen, we have put together a list of helpful tips to ensure your pup also enjoys their time while celebrating their parents’ special moment.

Give Your Dog a Role

Your pup can play different roles in either your ceremony or reception. You can decide what works best for you and your dog and fits your wedding best. Your dog can be the pup of honor and walk down the aisle with the wedding party. Alternatively, your dog can be the ring bearer, flower dog, or an honored guest if they prefer a quieter, more controlled role in your wedding.

Let Your Guests Know

Just in case of an allergy or someone not being a fan of dogs, let your guests know on your invitation that your pup will also be attending. This allows guests to plan accordingly.


Practice makes perfect! At home, or even at the venue, practice your dog’s role as much as you can. There is still a chance that everything won’t go according to plan, but that’s just part of your dog’s charm, right?

Include Them in Your Photos

Let your photographer know ahead of time that you will be including your dog in some of your photos so they can plan ahead and know what to expect. They may have a few tricks up their sleeve that can help get the best shots. It also might be helpful to find a photographer that has experience working with dogs.

Prepare A Go-Bag

Pack a special bag for your pup. Include all the things you think they may need during that time. You can include things like toys, treats, a water bowl, lunch/dinner, and maybe even a small blanket or dog bed for when they want to relax with your guests.

Appoint a Dog Sitter

Choose someone that the dog knows and likes to insure an enjoyable night for both dog and handler. You will be very busy, getting married, so it would be very helpful to ask someone to act as your dog handler for the evening.

Have Them Look Their Best

Make sure you have what you want them to wear and all accessories planned way in advance. Also, making a grooming appointment a few days before the wedding will have your dog looking nice and smelling good. Most groomers are booked 2 weeks in advance so plan ahead.

Embrace the Chaos

It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to your dog’s roles and behavior. Things may not go according to plan, they may jump on you with their less than clean feet, or abandon all control in the excitement of the celebration. If any of these things happen, stay calm and soak in even those moments, they are still funny memories that will last a lifetime.

If Your Dog Cannot Attend

If your dog cannot make it to your wedding day in person, there are many different ways to include them in the moment and share their love with your guests. Include them on your save the date or invitations, add dog-themed items throughout your wedding, such as a cake topper alongside the happy couple, and set up a table with your dog’s picture and a note thanking them for attending.

Your dog is part of your family and including them in your special day is important. By following these helpful tips, you can ensure that your dog has a wonderful time, while also adding an extra special touch to your wedding day.

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